Year End Reflections

As 2014 came to a close, it seems hard to believe how far we have come and the changes we made. Jane and I had decided in August of 2013 that we should just sell everything and live somewhere warm. So the research wheels starting turning and a plan was made. I would retire in May 2014. We would visit Paris and Ireland for a month each then look for a warm place on the beach to live. Now that was a condensed version. Their were a lot of decisions we had to make and the plan changed many times. The goal was aways the same but how we got there changed several times. A year ago I was having a lot of heart problems, which was a main reason we made the decision we did. I had been in and out of the hospital having more stents put in my heart. I am now at 26. I even ended up in the hospital at the same time as a good friend of ours who had a heart attack basically out of the blue. He got his first stent and I got my 26th. We even took a picture. image My last trip to the hospital was in Madison, Wisconsin. Just a couple weeks before we left on our journey. They went in again but this time they treated the stents with radiation because they we’re scaring up to fast. Meanwhile I  was teaching my last semester at NTC, and completely my 15th year.  Our students gave me a surprise retirement party.  My friends also gave me one as did the school.

While I was rapping up work and enjoying the parties, well wishes and goodbyes, Jane was home going through everything to sell, donate, or keep. Jane decided to keep some items so we have a storage space for those items. The rest we had our daughter and son take what ever they wanted and the rest got sold or gave away to neighbors and friends, which in this case were the same. The rest went to the church for their sale. If you could have seen the stuff we had accumulated over the years you would not believe how we not basically have just to suitcases. We ended up taking over 20 truckloads to the church. Mind you it was only my Ford Ranger but it was a lot of stuff. The hardest part of this whole journey were the goodbyes. We had to say goodbye to my sisters and family, my brother in California (by phone), our daughter and granddaughter, our son and our daughter-in law, friends with includes our neighbor. None of these were easy and their were lots of tears. But we keep in touch via Skype, emails and this blog. Right now we are into the last month of our stay here in Ecuador. But according to the map at the link below, we have traveled almost 12,000 miles. And this does not include the over 3000 miles we drove around Ireland. So 2014 has come to a close, which Jane and I watched from our balcony last night (early this morning), and it is time for another years advendures. Which in our case every move is an adventure of its own. Next post I will highlight last nights events. For now Happy New Year wishes for a safe and heathy 2015. Also check out the new NEME page I added. Let me know what you think. And as always here is another sunset. wpid-Photo-20141219133641599.jpg


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  1. uzcateguijoyce

    It is great to have you in Ecuador. After you check out all the rest come back to the very best, Crucita.


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