Quick Update

Wanted to let those know that are following that I have reposted the video. I tried a couple times but didn’t work. Thought I took it down but didn’t. So now it is back.

Sorry now Facebook took it down

Also I want to let those know who have been posting comments. Didn’t really know that I am suppose to reply to them. Sorry. So I am doing that now. Not sure if you get an email of my reply or you have to read it below your comment.

Plus I am going to be adding a Meme page to the blog.  It will be “Memes by Me” some will be politically as I pick on some our not so great politicians. Others cute or Funny or just plain weird. I will be making theses not coping them from others. You won’t get and update every time I add a new one so if your interested you will need to check back now and then.



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