Crucita: Dogs Gone Wild

On like most of my posts this one is not going to be funny or light hearted with funny pictures. In fact I need to warn you that some of the pictures are graphic and disturbing.This is about a subject that is not only happening here in Crucita and other places in Ecuador, but also around the world including the Untited States. Neglected and forgotten dogs of the world and for this post specificly Crucita, Ecuador.

This was not a real issue. I made it to highlite the point of the post.
This was not a real issue. I made it to highlite the point of the post.

The main issue right now is because many of the female dogs are in heat. And seeing that 99% of the dogs here run loose their is no control. All the male dogs are chasing after the females. Their are up to seven dogs all after the same female. This leads to things getting ugly. Male dogs attack each other and the female attacks the male dogs as they all chase her.

As a result the male dogs are turning into packs roaming the beach and streets during the day and at night. It has gotten bad enough at times where it was risky trying to walk past them on the beach. At night you can hear them barking and fighting especially when it is right outside your bedroom window.


That picture was from a National Geographic issue about the same problem in another country. Now while it is not to that extent yet here in Crucita I believe it will be in the future if nothing is done to prevent it. I am not the first nor will I be the last person to write about this problem. I have researched this issue and have found many articles and blogs that talk about this issue. Almost all of them mention many of the same things such as, increased problems, no government control, a sad site, and totally getting out of control.

Their are a couple of these sites that I would like to mention the first is Why-Ecaudor
Here is just one excerpt from this site that is a familiar theme among other posts.

Officials need to realize that
unwanted dogs wandering the street is
a serious health and safety problem.

But the one site that really it the nail on the head of the feelings of the expats and some locals is from
Here is part of the article word for word.

Along with a lot of stray dogs comes incessant barking at all hours of the night or day. We haven’t yet met an expat that has moved here, no matter where they live, even in high rise condos, that hasn’t complained about the noise of barking dogs. When we first moved into our house the barking dogs were keeping us all up during the night and then waking us up in the middle of the night. Fortunately, we’re used to the barking now and sleep right through the barking dogs!

They don’t look too healthy and although they may look rough, they really just want to be loved. Just a simple pat on the head and these dogs will collapse in joy. But at the end of the day, nobody looks after them, there is not enough food to go around, and many of them will catch diseases and suffer painful deaths. So what can we do to help alleviate some of the suffering of these innocent creatures?

Jane and I  have both seen and felt this here in Crucita. Each time we walk toward the town we pass a pair of dogs laying in the sand. We tried giving the small one a little attention and he got so excited he started to jump on Jane and scratched her legs. But you can’t  blame the dog, as others have said they are starved for any kind of attention. Here is a picture of the little guy. He wouldn’t sit still and was jumping up on me when I tried to take the picture, because he was so exciting that someone even noticed him.


Here is another issue right here by the condo. The four dogs in the pictures below basically control the beach from where they are building a new condo down past our condo. Any dog that tries passing by on the beach or road gets attacked by all of them. They pin the dog down. Then they walk away but as soon as that dog gets up and tries to run away they chase him (or her) down and drag it to the ground again. This goes on for awhile until they get tired. It is so sad to watch the poor scared dog. They have even attempted to do it to someone’s dog who is being walked on a leash. Luckly the owner can chase them away. At least for now. One day soon they will get a lot braver.

Okay I could go on and on and post a hundred more pictures but this was depressing enough. The question raised is what can be done. Well first they need to stop letting them multiply. As a single person it would be a huge task to make any change. Not until the goverment decides to do something. They are trying to improve Ecuador to draw more tourists and expats. But with anything they do they will need to address this issue or people will quit coming. What is really interesting with the government is they set strict rules for anyone visiting with a pet. One lady that is renting the condo above us had to jump through all kinds of hoops and paper. Not sure what they are trying to prevent, because anyone bringing their pet is the one taking all the risks.

Ok time to get off my soapbox, but every time we see these poor animals we think of our little guy (Sparkey) back in the states with our daughter and granddaughter.




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