Making of the Christmas Tree

Jane was hoping to maybe find a small artificial Chistmas tree to put on the table in our condo. Well yes they have them here, if you want to pay like $60. Anything here that gets imported or shipped UPS FedX etc. is taxed very high. A full size tree runs about $180. Seeing we only wanted here and couldn’t take it with us that was not worth it.

At one of our expat gatherings. (See ) I met Joyce and Leo. Leo had made a tree from driftwood. It would have been nice if I could do it like he Did but I have no tools. For his he had to drill holes in all the pieces and make a base. But I thought about the driftwood and came up for a different way to do one without tools, except a pair of scissors.

So the next day Jane and I took a walk along the beach and gathered the items needed. This is what we came back with, plus seashells we had.


We had much more driftwood but we picked out the pieces on the beach and only brought back the ones we needed. It took awhile to unravel the twine from the washed up fish net we found but when it got done we have had more than we needed. Now it was time to put it together. And the result.



I know the picture isn’t the best but it was the only place to hang the tree. I wrNow it was time to get a little Christmas stuff to put on it so it had a little Christmas feel to it. This meant a trip to Manta. Manta is a larger town to the south of us. This is where we flew into from Quito. It’s about 40 miles away. You can take the bus there for $1.20. Here is a picture of the large harbor in Manta. You can tell when you are getting close to the city by the smell of fish. They have several fish processing plants there.

At the bus station in Manta their are a bunch of little shops and places to eat. And about a half dozen hair salons. I even picked up a barber set so now we can cut our own hair. It was a good and interesting bus trip. We got the few things we wanted and headed back to Crucita.  I put fish line on the seashells and Christmas balls we bought and added them to the tree. Thought I was done but seeing we couldn’t find or make and Angel for the top Jane cut out a star from cardboard and I covered it with tinfoil. And this is what we have. We thought about lights but one the cord would have to run across the the floor and two we are not up late enough to enjoy them anyway.


I added the pictures of the,presents to make the picture look more like Christmas. Jane was happy with the tree so I was happy. Because if Jane isn’t happy their ain’t noboby going to be happy. But don’t tell her I said that.




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    I love your Christmas tree. You told me you didn’t do crafts, Jane.
    Bud, I love your sunsets. We are still trying to get that perfect one, but ours are starting to look all alike. Maybe as the month’s change the sunsets will change. Love your blog.


  2. Robin Hager

    I am very impressed with your Christmas tree. You are both very creative! Have a very Merry Christmas:)


    • Thanks Robin. And I am assuming this is Robin from behind us as in Robin and Dan


  3. Diana

    Merry Christmas!!! (The tree is beautiful!)


    • Thanks Diana and thank you for following and all the comments


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