Crucita: An Expat Gathering

Their are many expats (people from other counties living here) in Crucita and the surrounding areas. Here in Cructia they they get together on Fridays, (as seen above) They meet a a place about a block from our condo. It called the Walk-About. It was like a small Inn with a restaurant. But now the people that own it just live there and have pizzas on Fridays.

We were told about about the Fridays gathering from Brian who owns a house just south of the condo. He was out in front one day waiting for the beer truck as was I.

We had also met the owner earlier when we were eating at a restaurant and she stopped and introduced herself knowing we were from out of country. Not sure how she knew😎 they are the ones in the tie dye shirts. It is Yvette and her daughter Katlin. ( Katlin wasn’t ready for that first shot) The other two are her sister and brother-in-law. I forgot there names, but they are the cooks. Been making pizzas for 25 years.

So we decided to head down there on Friday between 5:30 and 6, even though it would be going past our bedtime we figured we’re retired lets throw caution to the wind. It was a good time. Their were about 25-30 people there at one time during the evening. It was pretty fluid some came to say hi others stayed to eat. The pizza was the best we had here so far. I say this only because they put sauce on the pizza. Which Jane likes. Me I like the ones from the Italian  place too because I don’t like a lot of sauce.

We also met the other occupants of the Walk-About. These were newer arrivals. Mama and her four babies. She had seven but someone stole three of them. Which was stupid because they were giving them away. But they did want to know who was getting them. Anyway take a look. Babies on their way to lunch and having lunch. And mom trying to get some rest.

That was our first time there but we plan on going again. We didn’t get home until after 7:30. Luckly we could sleep in the next day because it was Saturday.




  1. Thanks Joyce. Yes we enjoy the Friday night pizza too.


  2. uzcateguijoyce

    I love going to the Walkabout for Pizza and beer almost every Fri. I think that is the only “schedule” we have so far in our retirement. Oops, I forgot about crafts every other Wednesday. Don’t really want to be scheduled too much, though-too many great spontaneous events going on around here. Welcome to Crucita and all the fun here.


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