Catch of the Day: Part Two

This is what the fishermen caught. Some nice sailfish, marlins, one shark and some mahi mahi.

But the BIG catch of the day was totally something else. And it could have been very costly and a real pain in the butt. There were nice waves out in front of the condo and it was a  nice day to spend on the beach. We went for our walk first then when we got back I told Jane I was going out in the water for awhile.

Now let mention something here. I thought I talked about it already, but I just checked the past posts and didn’t see it. See lots of times I am thinking ahead of what I want to put in the blog, right down to how to word it. So sometimes I forget if I just thought it out or acually wrote it already. So if I repeat myself you know why. Since we have been here, I have been up and down the beach trying to find a nice spot to go out. Lot of it is really soft with lots of stones. Seemed the same everywhere. So I figured I might as well just go out in front of the condo. And as I expected I sunk in up to my ankles in loose sand and stones. But what the heck, I decided to go out further anyway. Guess what. About six feet out it became nice an firm and no stones. It only took me a month to figure it out.

Ok back to what I was telling you. I gave my glasses to Jane to hold. I am aways afraid they will get knock off. I use a band on my sun glasses and just wear those instead. Of Course I can’t see much then either, but in this case I could see just enough.
Jane ran up to get a beer and sit on the beach while I was out in the water. Just as she is coming back on the beach, I get hit with a big wave and of course I had my mouth open, and out pops my upper denture. Jane had brought the camera down and took pictures of me out there. But she did not catch my dentures popping out. Luckly I did. So I took the photo that Jane took to show you what happened and how close I came to losing my teeth.


Even though I had to make this photo to show you I put everything the way it happened. So you can see my hand just coming out of the water to grab my teeth. It was a miracle I was able to catch them, especially with no glasses. If I would have missed they would have been gone. No way to find them in there.

So I definitely needed to sit down and have a drink after that happened.


So from now on when I go out in the waves. I take off my glasses and take out my teeth. Just hope I don’t run into anyone that wants to talk. It would be sort of embarrassing. You know what I mean?




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    Too funny!


    • Yes I can laugh about it now. But won’t have if I didn’t catch them


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