Surfing Crucita

The day  was beautiful again today. The waves looked great. So I thought what the heck, I think I will try surfing today.

No not that kind


This kind


Went and put on my suit and headed down the coast where the waves were bigger. Along the way I can across this chick.

No not that kind of chick

 imageThis kind


I told her where I was going and she said she wanted to try it too. So I waited while she went back and got her suit on. When we got there the waves looked small enough for our fist attempt at surfing, so we got a board from the guy on the beach, and headed out in the water. We paddled a ways out and waited until a good wave came, and then we were off.

It’s really not as hard as it looked. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Did it a couple more times and then decided to head back. Maybe next time we need to try bigger waves to make it more interesting.

So that was our day and our first attempt at surfing. Okay if anyone believed any of this I have  a nice island I could sell you. I believe it is called Cuba. Back shortly with another catch of the day.





  1. Anonymous

    the photos are beautiful! And, you are so full of it, love it!


  2. Anonymous

    Alright alright alright!!!


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