A New Place

The other day we took a ride to the outdoor market to get some veggies. It was the first time we took a tuk tuk. What the heck is that you ask? Well it is a motercycle build up with a carriage behind it. Or maybe they used three wheelers. There are several designs but you will get the idea from this picture.


This one is one of the nicer ones. Most are more like a wagon with wooden seats. It is really a rough ride when you get off the blacktop. We have used them a couple times now, mostly for rides back after we have walked kinda far.

Anyway I forgot where I was going with this story???

Oh ya while we were on the tuk tuk on our journey I spotted a bar. Not that I was really looking for one, right. Anyway it was like a big tiki hut, as you can see by the top photo. So the next day we decide to take a walk down there to check it out. It is a ways down there but it was well worth it. They have an English menu and the food is great. They have these incredible butterflied shrimp in a deep fried coating. And you get enough for two people. Sorry I forgot to take a picture right away and we ate a bunch already. But you get the idea.

Excellent Shrimp

Excellent Shrimp

We have now been there 4-5 times. I lost track. The name of the place is


They have all kinds of the frozen drinks as you could she on the sign. After one of the meals we decided to try a grasshopper. It was as good as it looks. Delicious. And on the way home Jane found a house she liked

That’s all for now folks. Will be back shortly to tell you how we did surfing. Till then.




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    Glad to hear the food is good. We have seen the place and it looked interesting, but have not tried it. Will have to put it on our must do list. Thanks for the info.


    • Yes the food is good and it is a nice place. It is a good walk for us. We love the shrimp from there. On the menu ( and they have an English) they are called shrimp nuggets. But they are just deep fried shrimp and you get lots for $10.


  2. Ken

    Those shrimp look awesome !


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