Green Bay/Crucita: Catch of the Day


I woke up Sunday (this was a week ago), at around 8:00. I know right. What am I doing up this early. Anyway I walk out on the balcony. It was freezing. I had to go back in and but a shirt on and a pair of shorts. Usually I just sit around in my underwear or swimsuit. (Too much information, right). I went online to check the weather. It was only 71 degrees out, burrrr.

While I was out there shivering, I look down the beach and see the flock of Frigates  surrounding the fishermen. This means they’ve got fish. The birds dive in and out trying to get anything they can. It doesn’t even phase the fishermen. These birds have wings that look like huge bats.

Jane and I decided to take a walk down there to see what they got. By the time we got down there they already had a one huge swordfish and one medium and about six various size Thresher Sharks. But then another boat came in and unloaded 14 Thresher Sharks. Oh and by the time we got back I had to take the shirt back off. It was in the 80 ‘s. Left the shorts on though.
I had numerous pictures of all the Sharks but some were sort of gross. So Jane made a suggestion of comparing Sunday catches of the day.

Green Bay Catch of the Day

Crucita Catch of the Day

Then there was this South Africa almost catch of the day.

It was a huge white shark trying to gulp down a seal. Luckly the seal got away. At least this time.




  1. Dan Seanor

    Awesome pictures. You should go out fishing with them. Stay away from that South African Shark. Looks dangerous.

    Sorry you have to put up with those cold temperatures. Hang in there.


  2. Such an adventure…..I can hear the waves and feel the sun baking this horrendous cold/cough right out of me!!!!!
    So glad your enjoying the beach and all that goes along with it!
    Thinking of YOU always!!!
    Hugs & Love, Rick and Sue


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