Crucita: In the Waves


Everyday I try on go out in the waves if they are big enough. Today they were. I like them to be at least up to my head so they can knock me down. If not it isn’t much fun. I know at 63 I may be a little old to be playing in the waves. But I enjoy it. No I don’t have pictures of me out in the waves. I don’t want to totally embarrass myself with documented evidence.


When I get beat up enough from the waves I head back to where I left my towel and keys. When I get up to our condo Jane tells me she wasn’t sure I would get back in. Why I ask. She says some guy stole your keys. I look at her funny and was about to say but I have my keys. Then she says he put them back. She then proceeds to tell me the story, which I will let her tell you, because she uses words I would never think of using.

Bud likes to play in the waves. So, yesterday, he went down on the beach. He brought a towel and the condo key. You need the condo key to get in the building and the elevator. He put the key In the towel and laid it on some rocks. Well, I am sitting on the porch watching him. You can see the whole neighborhood from the porch. There are a few shacks next to the condo and little open aired buildings with thatched roofs that the locals use to socialize. There is a man, by himself and I am watching him. He is watching Bud go down the beach in the water. This guy tries to be sly and goes to where Bud left the towel sits on the rock next to it and takes the key!! By this time Bud is way down the beach in the waves and has no idea what is happening. I am standing where this idiot can be sure to see me. A few minutes later, the same sly moves and he puts the key back in the towel!! I know he has seen me watching him so whether that is why he put the key back, I don’t know. Bud thought that maybe the guy thought it was a car key and when it wasn’t he put it back.

After Bud got back and changed, I told Bud I wanted to take a walk to take some local pictures of the flowers and the Roosters and the boats. Well, we walk right next to this guy and he smiles and says hello to us!! What a sneaky two-faced son of a ?>%#!% We walk past this guy everyday!! This morning I am watching him, he is in the little beach hut and I see him watching, Bud again while he is waiting for the beer truck. Well, he sees me watching him and goes back where he lives.
So, I get the binoculars and make sure he sees me. He goes inside and I haven’t seen him since!!

I censored out some of the language. Any when we get back I thought to myself when we passed this jerk I should have took the keys out of my pocket and held them up. So here are some pictures we took on that walk.

A couple days later we had a little excitement by the condo. Which I sleep though most of, because it was during siesta time. But a construction crew has been working on a road behind the condo. I believe they were making wider. Anyway all of a sudden they are right next to us with the truck and front end loader. The guy in charge points to areas and the loader scrapes a path. Then he points to one of the little shacks and the loader smashes it down and dumps it on the truck. Jane says the guy in charge talked to the people around here and then they left.


Next day I get up and some of the locals are taking down one of the other huts on the beach. This one was a nice one.


What Jane and I speculate is that they are going to widen the road in front of the condo down to town where the blacktop starts. And I figures the locals came and took this down before they came and knocked it, so they could salvage some of the good wood. Which is just what they did. Each took some of the good stuff and burned the rest. Down the road there was also the place we use to get beer. It had like a roof extending out into the road. The guys savaged some of this too.

So after a couple days rest they are taking down other stuff that is in the main road as well as the little side roads. It has been fun watching as they don’t have tools like you do in the US. So while they were doing all this I had them put up an extra room next to the condo in case anyone wanted to come and stay with us for awhile. It is right on the beach, great view of the ocean and with a very open design. Anyone interested in getting out of the cold weather, let us know.


Adiós por ahora. Volver pronto



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