Portoviejo: Shopping Treck

We got up earlier than usual so we could head to the big city. This is our alarm clock



Once a week we usually catch the bus and make the Treck to Portoviejo. It is the sixth largest city in Ecuador and the capital of the Manabi providence.


Now when I say catch the bus, I mean you have to grab on get a seat fast. As soon as the last person steps on off it goes. Unfortunately this time it was just Jane on me getting on. So as soon as my butt was in the door zoom. Jane had a heck of a time getting to a seat. They have bars to hand on to but most are on the ceiling and Jane couldn’t reach them. Luckily a woman got up from one of the front seats so Jane could sit right away. The people around have aways been nice like that.

We head here to get most of our supplies and food and other essentials like this

Lunch for the next couple days

Lunch for the next couple days

We did get other stuff too like food and stuff but that was the most important. But as we were coming into Portoviejo the bus stopped all of a sudden. Not that it doesn’t stop like that all the time. This time it was in the middle of the road. Then Jane pokes me to look out the window.
There walking across the busy highway is a big brown bull with long horns. But no one was even taking notice. Then we could see that the bull was just going to get a newspaper.


Okay so the picture is bull s—. But the bus really did have to stop for a big brown bull just like the one in the picture. Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera with me. And who knows maybe he was on his way to get a paper.

So bye for now I will have more stories shortly. It is just hard to find the time, especially if we had one of theses lunches I mentioned.



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  1. Diana

    You both look marvelous!! (Must be the margaritas, huh??) Such interesting people/things seem to just follow you … enjoy!


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