Crucita: Paragliding Heaven

Just above our condo are the magnificent cliffs rising up from Crucita beach that are considered by many to be the best in Ecuador for recreational hang-gliding and paragliding. We have the gliders fly right by our balcony and land right on the beach in front of us.

While they are in the air their is a crew on the beach watching and talking to them (two-way radio and headphones). Once they have landed they help them out of the gear, pack up the equipment and put it in a truck they have on the beach waiting.
The problem is it is a beach. Lots of sand. Some firm some not so much. So a few times the truck gets stuck. I happened to be down on the beach shooting pictures of the paragliders when one did get stuck. They were having a heck of a time getting it out even with the group they had. I didn’t really want to just walk by and not help. So I went and help push the truck out. It must have been the weight I put behind it because we got it out.
They all thanked me and shook my hand. Then when they saw my camera they wanted to take a picture with me.


Wasn’t sure if you would be able to pick me out of the group so I marked myself with a “ME” to try and cover some of the tummy. Not much luck though. They got stuck again later on and I helped for awhile but to no avail. So I left and went up to our balcony and had a beer. Which is more my speed. And after that work out it was time for a little siesta.

We had a young girl (as they all are compared to us)  practicing with a chute on the beach in front of us. She sure had a lot of patience and determination. She was out there a couple times a day for several days.


The dog was helping too, but then got distracted by some baby sand crabs. They would go down a hole and he would start barking and digging. Then he would see another and chase that one. It was fun to watch. These baby ones are really small and real white almost translucent. It may look big on the picture but they are only only  slightly bigger than a spider. Here is a pic.


Not sure if she ever did take the jump or not. We didn’t see any this last weekend, which is unusual as the weekend is when they usually are busy. Last time I counted at least 12 up at one time.

They also have a good spot here for wind surfing. There is a lot of room and there is usually a nice breeze and waves.


Well the sun is setting on this post, but will be back soon.



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