Crucita Sardines (lots and lots)


Walking this time to the north of our cono. And we walked about 4-5 miles. Which isn’t bad walking, but then you have to walk back 4-5 miles. We walked along the beach down to the far north end where the majority of the fishing boats are. Their are boats right by us too but the ones down on the north end are the ones that work with the bigger fishing trawlers, called barcos, which are fishing further out.


Where these small boats come in is where they have the cleaning huts, with many long tables in each for cleaning (mostly) sardines. These aren’t the little ones you get in the small cans these are about 8″ long. But they do get canned among other things like pickled and smoked. This was just one of the cleaning huts


When you walk along the beach you never know what you will come across. Like these guys.

The first two I was able to find on the Internet but that last one I couldn’t find. So if anyone knows what kind of fish it is let us know. It sure does have some freaky teeth. Almost human like.


Okay that is all for this post but I will be back soon with more. Here is another sunset.



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  1. Anonymous

    Not sure i could swim in that water after seeing the messed up looking fish that live in it! Freaky gross! – Wendy


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