Crucita: Settling In

wpid-Photo-20141112102651.jpg Well we have been here in Crucita, Ecaudor now since November 4. Not a long time considering we will be here until the end of January. We have been adjusting to the different foods (not going good so far) the slow relaxing pace of the town, and being able to go out into the ocean anytime we want. We usually take walks everyday and usually in the morning before it warms up to much. That however depends on when we get up. One day this week when we got up it was only 73 degrees out (burr). Anyway we took about a two mile walk along the beach to the south of our condo. About half way we saw a bunch of turkey vultures (or what ever they are called here). When we got close enough they all moved away. I went up to see what they were eating on. It was a washed up seal. It was a full size on too, and had been there quite awhile. By the time we were heading back it was sunny and about 80 already. On the way back their were wave after wave of pelicans skimming the water, then going up flipping over and diving straight down into the water. It is amazing watching the Pelicans around here. The way they dive for fish, they are like synchronized divers. When one heads down they all follow. We have seen up to 30 of them at a time all dive in to get the small fish that are in schools near the surface. However we have not witnessed what the people saw here in Crucita about a month ago. Check out this video that was on several blogs, tv and YouTube which is where this one is from. But the original guy that shot it was Maximilliano Ricci  a fisherman vacationing in Crucita from Italy. He did a great job capturing this amazing video. Enjoy

I would have loved to be here for that. Back soon with another update, ans weather report for those that are shoveling snow. Sorry but had to rub it in. I am going to end each post from now on with a different sunset picture as I have many.



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  1. The snow isn’t too bad yet… car was hit on the drivers side while parked @ work. Sooooo icy, nice way to start the season. The ocean view and sunset is glorious!! Enjoy your time together and the s l o w pace of Ecuador.


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