Ecuador Arrival…..(finally)


I am going to use Jane’s email in this post instead of having to explain all that went on again. First let me tell you how it was suppose to go. We were flying out of Shannon on Sat. November first. First stop London, then on to NY. Stay overnight then fly to Quito Ecuador in the morning. Next day get a short flight to Manta where a driver will pick us up and take us to the condo. Well we got to London easy enough, but it started to unravel from there as Jane will tell you.
We finally got here on Tuesday. Our trip has been interesting.
Leaving Shannon Ireland to London went good. In London, they pulled me over to check my purse, I had eyeglass cleaner in it, so I had to empty it.
We were flying Kuwait airlines, so that was a bit scary with 90% of the passengers Muslim!! The plane air and reading lights didn’t work. I could have kissed the ground when we landed!! Ended up on them because the combined flights were the cheapest we could find.
When we landed in New York (JFK) and went to baggage claim a dog came up to me and the guard said the dog is saying I had meat in my bag, which I didn’t. So, I to show her what was in my carryon, all medicines.
We had to stay overnight in New York. The next day,Sunday we went back to the airport and quest what, our flight was cancelled!! So the airline Tame (the one that goes to Equador) said They were putting up everyone at the Raddison hotel. Okay, fine. So we go to the place where they pickup people for the hotels. It was cold and very windy. We waited about half an hour when the Shuttle for the Raddison finally comes. We loaded all the luggage on the shuttle with about eight other people and the driver gets a call saying Do Not take us to the Raddison!! So, we all have to get
Off and take the luggage off. Another driver from the Hilton said to get on. His shuttle, so we do and go to the Hampton which is connected to the Hilton. When we got there we got a room right away and made it to the breakfast buffet before it closed. We had a really nice room and they put on buffets for us at the Hilton for lunch and supper. Okay, all good. We had the shuttle reserved for
7:30, we got to the lobby a few minutes before seven thinking we would eat breakfast, we got a table and our plates, when a woman comes to us and says you have to leave right away to catch our flight!! We get to the airport and it is taking a long time to get everyone checked in. It is our turn and they won’t let us check in because we Don’t have a ticket out of Equador!! We need a ticket, so Dad has to Try to buys ticket to somewhere, anywhere right now! But we really don’t want to buy any yet. The woman trying to help said to buy the tickets with a card that has no money on it, then it won’t go through and we will still have the tickets. Said they will ask to see the tickets. By now, we are the last ones to check in, so they have a guard rush us through security. Then we have to stand inline waiting for half an hour!! We finally get on the plane and had a good flight. Because of all the confusion we didn’t get a chance to let the place we were staying know What time we were coming, so had the woman at the information desk call them to send a driver to pick us up. So, another half hour wait. We finally get to the small bed and breakfast. The only internet service that works was at the owners desk, so Dad sat there to connect with the condo manager so they would send us a driver to pick us up in Manta after our flight on Tuesday, that was a nice and short flight. The driver was waiting for us whe we got there and brought us here to the condo. Oh, the airline tickets we HAD to buy at the airport, they NEVER asked for them!!!! Also, never asked for our yellow cards with our shots!!
The condo is very nice. The people are very nice too (a young American couple) and the Equador Lady who takes care of things.There is a nice bar/restaurant where they have a menu in English and The owner speaks good English. Otherwise, Nobody speaks English. I know a few words, but will have to learn more. There is also an Italian restaurant, we went there last night for pizza and it was good. There are several other local Equadorian restaurants. We tried two the first day here, but the food wasn’t too good. All of them are down the road from us.You can get beer next door to the condo. You bring them the empty bottles and then get new ones for $1.50. They are 22 ounce bottles. But if you catch the beer truck, which even stops at the condo, you can get the 22 oz bottles 12 for $10. Or basically .84 a bottle. It comes in Lite too. So now I buy two crates at a time. One lite and one regular. Meals are about $5.00-10.00 We are at the end of a dirt road. It gets dark about 6:30 every day of the year. We take a flashlight for our walk home around then. Although there are streetlights. We took the bus to the bigger town yesterday as they have a nice grocery store. Cost .85 cents to ride the bus. Got groceries and a taxis to bring us back here for $10.00. There is a two story mall in Portoviego also. Very nice.
Sitting on the deck watching the paragliders, they go over and right in front of the condo.


Also, enjoy watching the Pelicans that nose dive for fish. There are several dogs here that just roam around together and play on the beach and in the waves. Fun to watch them, too. So, the entertainment has been free. Also, watching the fisherman in their boats. We don’t need an alarm clock as the roosters down the road do that.

The weather has been beautiful, around 80 degrees with nice ocean breezes. We love listening to the ocean day and night. From the condo you can see the lights from the city around the peninsula. People have been nice and friendly. Most everyone says hello or hola. It is a little fishing village. The roads are mostly dirt, with some blacktop. The people live in little shacks. A lot of thatched roofs!!
So that was the journey here with all the bumps we have come to now expect.


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  1. Robin Hager

    Quite the adventure so far! Now that you’re settled – enjoy your retirement. Sounds beautiful in Equador. The weather here isn’t so nice. Very cold and about 5 inches of snow (so far). Heading up to Niagara to see my mom today. Praying for descent roads on the way. Take care and enjoy.


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