Cliffs of Moher and more


Well we are back. Was a eventful and hectic couple of weeks. But first let’s wrap out the last couple days in Ireland. We left the cottage with sadness on the 29th. We needed to drive to Shannon as that is where we were going to fly out on the 1st. But instead of driving straight there we decided to go up to the Cliffs of Moher first. The shortest way was to go up to The Shannon-car-ferry from Tarbert to Killimer.

This was suppose to save an hour and a half going to the cliffs. Well maybe it would but in Ireland you can only go as fast as the slowest car, truck, tractor, bus, or flock of sheep in front of you. But we made it there. It was really windy and quite a chore walking up to the cliffs. They were not as spectacular as I thought they would be but still pretty cool. The water levels are really low in Ireland right now. They have had a warm and dry season. Anyway here are a few pictures of the cliffs.

After that we head to our hotel which was really in Bunratty by the Bunratty Castle. We were hoping they didn’t give away our room. And guess what, they didnt. It is a really nice place.

Friday night we went to the Midevil Banquet.
It was a lot of fun. And the entertainment was great as was the food. We had soup, then ribs, then chicken and potatoes and then dessert. Here are some pictures of the castle and compound as well as the entertainers. I applogize for the pictures they had red spotlights on everything.

And here are some pictures from around the hotel and places we are at while there.

Okay I am going to wrap up the Ireland leg with a few Bud comments. I know you have all been waiting for these, since my Paris account.
Ireland is a beautiful country. The scenery is spectacular everywhere you look. The food is great not one bad meal. The people are all very friendly and helpful. Service at the pubs and restaurants was great. Once I got use to the driving there and the roads it was fine, except for one thing.
As I mentioned before there are no shoulders on the roads. So there is no place for bikers to ride. So they ride right on the car lane. Now I understand they want to bike these roads because of the challenge and the scenery. But it makes for a very dangerous situation. When a car comes up behind them, they do not pull over or anything. I can understand why because it is usually uphill and if they stop it would be hard to get going again. But this makes it hard for cars to get around. First the narrow roads, second they are mostly winding roads so you can just pull out and go around. So you have to wait until there is a straight away (which are far and few between) to pass. It just creates a lot of risk to the people on the bikes as well as the drivers. I know Dan S. Will no what I mean. Because he is one of those bikers.
Other then that Ireland was great and the time went way to fast. Now it is on to Ecuador which turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. Coming soo.


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