Time Getting Short


As I write this post we only have one full day left here at our cottage in the Beara Penninsula. early Wednesday morning we will being living here to drive to Shannon. You can’t see it on my map but it is quite a ways up just west of Limerick. We fly out of Shannon on November 1. So we will be spending 3 nights there. There is a Midevial banquet there that we are going to go to, as well as visit the Cliffs of Mohr. We won’t get to our condo in Ecaudor until November 3rd. We have a one night layover in NY. Then we are staying on night in Quito.

So I am going to try and wrap up this leg of the trip with some pictures and of course a closing comment from my view of Ireland. I know, you can’t wait to read that.

Our last long road trip was up to the Dingle Peninsula,(see map). We went all the way up to Brandon and out to Brandon Point.


You will see more pictures of the awesome view there over the ocean on the picture picture I will create and link to this post.Then we took Connor’s Pass to the other side to the town of Dingle. A lot of tourists there and buses. Not sure why did seem like much there.

We also went point at Slea Head. There they had the view as well as prehistoric bee hive huts. http://www.prayerfoundation.org/irish_monk_beehive_shaped_stone_huts.htm

It took us awhile to to be able to drive on our way from the bee huts as you can see here.


From there we drove back up the peninsula through home. We stop in Inch at the beach along side the road. It was cloudy and a little cool so I decided not to go surfing. Although they did offer lessons



They had a surf shop and a restaurant bar there so we went in and had some coffee and dessert. Both were very good.


From there is was a long drive back to our cottage. After we got back we headed to our local pub were Pauline had our fresh crab waited and two cold Guninness.


You can see all the pictures from the Dingle Peninsula at this link.
The next post will be the last from Ireland. It will wrap up the 3 days in Shannon. Be back soon.



  1. Anonymous

    You two are amazing adventurers!!! Thank you for the blog and sharing your beautiful photos. It’s such fun to “travel along” with you. Dianacar@sbcglobal.net


  2. Enjoy the time in Shannon….all looks breathtaking thus far! Do you miss USA??? What primary differences do you like vs dislike?


    • No don’t miss the USA. It is hard to say about likes and dislikes because it is so different with the culture etc. let you know when we get to Ecuador. Thanks for the comments


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