Pubs and Grub

Needless to say we have been sampling the drinks and food while here in Ireland. To date we have not had a bad meal. Some were maybe better than others but all very good. The service here as also been great, with one exception and I will get to that in awhile but first let me tell you about the best spot in Kenmare to eat. O’Donnabain’s.


They have many choices of Irish meals and also some American stuff. We both have tried several different dishes and repeated some more than once, like the Irish stew. While staying in Ireland we have tried many of the traditional meals like the Irish stew, fish and chips (Janes favorite) Guinness stew, bangers, bacon and cabbage, lamb cuts, cottage pie, shepherds pie and of course the traditional full Irish breakfast. These can vary a little and we had two that were a little different from each other. But both had white and black pudding, which wasn’t bad, even Jane ate but probably won’t again.If you don’t know what that is check out this site.

Out favorite waitress ate O’Donnabhains was Melissa. I very nice young Irish lady. And she took real good care of us every time we were there. Here she is with Jane.


And you can see from about the bar what the Irish think of the American dollar. Although they were not as bad as in Paris. There if you tried handing them American money they made a face like you were handing them a bag dog poop.


While we did have drinks there with our meals our favorite place for drinks was still Helens. With Pauline serving the beer, food and advice and of course crap back at me as I usually gave her some.


We ate at many other great places in other towns were the food was excellent. However there was one place that I would not recommend. Not because the food was any good, because we won’t know we never got any. First of all we stop there because of the name of the place. Which was The Lobster.

So we though great, that sounded good. Figured it would be nice and fresh. But guess what? They don’t sure lobster or crab or very little seafood at all. Well ok that was a big disappointment but we were there and hungry so we figured we would eat anyway. We sat there for about 20 minutes they were not really busy. The waitress when by us, waiting on the people next to us, several times but now not even look our way. I even try flagging here down. Finally I stood up to get her attention. She says yes you need something. I said ya we would like to order. Oh she says just a minute. Ten minutes later she comes back and wants to know what we want. I said how about we get a couple pints to start with. Well she gave me a funny look as says what do you want. So she goes back to get our drinks. Puts on our table and says what do you want to order. So I ordered the special. She says we don’t have that anymore. Ok so I tell her we will have to look over the menu again. Again I get the look. She says whatever and leaves. Fifteen minutes she comes back and I give her money and say we will just have the drinks. Then she smiles ands says great. We left and found a different place which was really good. So I would not recommend The Lobster in Waterville, Ireland.

Ok back to the good. I have to mention this place vecause it was really cool and the pancakes we very good. The place is called The Strawberry Fields Pancake Cottage. you good get all kinds of toppings for you pancakes. From the traditional to the exotic. They are really thin pancakes almost link a crepe and they are the size of a large dinner plate. Great place. And on the way there we came across a full rainbow were you good see each side touching the ground.

So in closing this post. Lots of great food and drinks here. And really great people and service. With the rare exception. We have tried several different beers here also. Guinness of course, Harps, Smithwicks, Carlsberg and Heincken. Jane’ favorite is the Harps which I also like but the I like Smithwichs too.


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  1. Anonymous

    More great pictures. Of course, I had to watch the video again. I really like that. Makes me feel like I am there with you. I think I would have liked Ireland more than Paris.


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