Around the Cottage


When we were at the local pub earlier in the week we met a nice couple from L.A. Rick and Katie. Rick and I had a great time talking about our driving experience here. Jane and Katy talked about what ever it is women talk about. They also told us about a great scenic park not far from our cottage that they had been too. So we decide we should check it out.


It was quite a drive getting down into the park. A winding narrow road going down into the valley and at the base of the mountain. All along the way we ran across sheep on and along the road. Also a old dock and boat house and at the park there was the big waterfall.


While the waterfall was nice we both enjoyed the river walk the must. It was just a path through the woods along the river which was really rushing rapids coming down from the mountains. The caretaker there told us there was much water a month ago but it had finally filled back up. They have had a drier and warmer season than normal. We had noticed this when we had first got here. The water in many areas was pretty low. This was really nice walk even it was overcast it wasn’t cold and no wind. It really was very pleasant. Here is one picture of the Rapids and you will find more here.


While out we decided to go see some of the places in and around Kenmare. Their were a couple churches and while they were not as big and fancy as the ones in Paris they were even older.


We also went to a couple stone circles. The one in Kenmare is suppose to be related somehow to Stonehenge. You can see all the pictures of the sites from that day here.
While we were in Kenmare we ran into a couple friends of ours. Martin and “Elvis” and when we went to our local pub their were some old cars there. They had a rally and were on a road trip.





  1. That’s so interesting, about the old cars, and the rally. I just finished reading a book about the same thing. It is, “Peking to Paris”, by Dina Bennett. I was about to do a review of the book. 🙂


    • AYR

      Love the old cars

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