Blarney Castle

Next morning we went to

Which by the way was right across the street from the hotel we were suppose to stay in, which is why we booked it. So here is a link about Blarny Castle and some pictures.

And yes I did kiss the Blarny Stone. By the time we reached the very top of the castle (where the stone is Jane was a little nervous and decided not to kiss the stone. But she did take my picture.

After the castle we headed to Kenmare. Our cottage is located about 21 km south of Jenmare on the Beara Peninsula. Which is about 13 miles. From here on in when I type distance or speed it will be in km/km/h. When we got to the cottage Eileen (owner) had a roaring fire in the fireplace, tea on the stove, and a basket full of goodies. Upstairs in the main bedroom she had a present (box of chocolates) and a bottle of champagne on the bed. You can view the pictures of the cottage on the Ireland home page.



  1. I loved Blarney. I sat on that bench. I did not kiss the Blarney Stone either.


    • AYR

      We loved it too. And after climbing that high to get there I had to kiss it

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      • My daughter got up there and was so nervous we had to go right back down. The open center and broken walls really got to her.


        • AYR

          Same with Jane. He was too nervous to kiss the stone. But she waiting up there while I did.

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