And in the Beginning there was #%>€¥^

It again was a rough start to our first time in Ireland. Flight was great. Car cost only $ 8.00 a day. Great right? Ya, but the minimum insurance brought it up to $1200 for the month. Yikes! Anyway not much we could do at the point. Though about not taking any insurance both if the car was totaled I would have to buy them a new car.
So we headed out of the airport for the town of Blarny. Well we went the wrong way not once but twice. Finally found our way and got to hotel which we had booked and paid for, you know a reservation. I am sure you can see where this is headed. Right. No room again.


So they had booked us at a beautiful B&B. The owner comes out and and says he is sorry and it is totally their fault and the he would show me the way to B&B. So I pull out, then pull over to wait for him. Now it is getting dark at this point. When a pull over their is a half of stone wall right on the side of the road. Anyway I scraped the front fender on it.



Posting this picture was not approved by management (meaning Jane)

No it wasn’t that bad. Just a small dent and scraps about the tire. But I was quite upset to say the least. Yes it was my fault, but if they would have still had our room it wouldn’t have happened. At least not  that night.

But like I said they were really nice of everything and picked us up with Taxi and brought us back to the hotel for a free meal. And then they took us back to our place when we were done. We even got free breakfast in the morning.


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  1. Dan Seanor

    Hey there Dale Ernhardt. You told me you scratched the bumper on that rental. You totaled the #$%^%$ thing. I bet that got your attention. Just like on Sienfeld. You got the insurance so that you could beat it like it owed you money! Funny stuff.


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