Paris Wrap Up

So this will be the final post for our Paris journey. I want to thank the owners and staff of Dan’s les landes for their friendliness and great service both food and drink. Many a times we came back from a full day of walking around Paris, and stop to cool down with a few pints of beer. It was hot the entire time we were there. It should have been in the 60’s but it was high 70’s and 80’s. So the cold beer was what we needed at the end of the day. But this place was great and everyone friending.
Here is a link to this place which was right across the street from our apartment
And here are a couple pictures of the two owners (the guys) and Eliana the first one we met there and she took care of us us last day. In fact when she had to leave she gave both hugs. She was crying because she was so sweet, and when she drove away she saw Jane crying. 10 minutes later she came back to check on Jane and hug her some more.

So I was thinking the other day —–


And thought I should mention a few of my views about Paris. Remember these are mine.

Tiolett (bathrooms)
First their are no public restrooms except a few around the Eiffel Tower and some other bigger attractions. And these are little modules on the sidewalk you pay to use.


Then there is this kind which we ran across in a little cafe.


And just to be clear this was not the just the men’s bathroom it is for both. Unfortunately I didnt get the handles on the side that you have to hang on to, in the picture.

Then this if another issue with some bathrooms here. When we were at the V. Palace we ate at a reasaunt there. After we went to use the bathroom before continuing on. There is only one, that both men and women use. No I dont mean seperately. That’s right at the same time. There are sinks and urnils on one wall and stalls on the other. So men could be at the urnils and women then come in and use the stalls as well as men using the stalls. Get the picture. Weired.

Ok next subject.
Cell phone walking/texting or what ever. Now before I start Jane says it was the same in NY and I guess it was but we didn’t stay there a month either. So if they are on the phone walking, head down, they never look up. If you don’t move they will run right into you. Then when they do, they look up (finally) at you like what the heck, why didn’t you get out of my way. And then if you just stand there and not move they give you a dirty look muther something in Frence and finally push beside you. I know because I tried it. And I will say that it is men and women, but, I know I will get in trouble for this but it is mostly women. And they do not give an inch.

Here is a some photo of what I mean. I took some pictures right before they ran into me.


And speaking of not giving an inch, and these are the Frence people walking not on phones. If you are walking, and apparently not fast enough they come right up behind. They don’t go around where their is space or at least more space. No they will push through you in the tights space. No pardon or excuse me. Just run you over. And if they are coming head on it is the same way. There’s 4 ft on one side and a foot on the other side guess which side they aim for. Instead of the path of least resistance it is the path of most resistance.

And none of the people that live here ever smile. Of course according to stats the French are the unhappiest people in the world.

And last thing to whine about.
Traffic oh how I would love to drive here everyday (Not)


And you can ignore the green ok to cross a street because the drivers do. You need to have you head on a swivel. And everything drives on the road even if isn’t a vehicle. You have people roller blading, adults on push scooters like the kids use, then you have bicycles, mother scooters, all different kinds of motorcycles, and of course cars, trucks, and Hugh buses. And their all on the road at the same time, bikes, scooters and cycles all weaving in and around the cars, it is crazy.

Anyway I sure would not want to drive in that mess. In closing is a little
The Good, The Bad and the just plain weird

First the GOOD

Now the BAD

And the WEIRD



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  1. Ok, now I really don’t have any desire to visit, Paris!!


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