A Journey to Chateau Fontaine Bleau

So we got up early. Or at least earlier then usual. And started our trek to the Chateau Fontaine Bleau which you can read about at the link below.
So we walked down the street and took the Pink 7 metro, to the Green 6 metro, which led to the Purple 14 metro which took us to the main rail station in Paris where we got the Euro Train to the bus station in Fontaine Bleau. We then took the number one bus for a 15 minute ride to the Chateau.
And here was one of our companions and the train


First seeing it was now noon we decided to grab something to eat and we found this place.


They sure give you enough fries, good thing because the so called hamburger sucked. That’s what we get for trying to eat fast food in Paris. It was only the second bad food we had. Who could forget Janes dog poop pizza.


So anyway here are the pictures and there are quite a few and I deleted about 40. And yes that swan is really. I thought that one picture was great with the shadow in the water. Enjoy



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  1. Gorgeous pictures…..looks like a great time is being enjoyed by two great people. Continue this exciting journey and pics!!!


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