Paris – Week One

image I am going to post a week at a time but I will probably be a week or so behind while we are in Paris. There is so much to see here and we are usually on the go all day. You would think with all the walking we are doing we should be losing some weight. Of course it probably doesn’t help that there is a cafe/bar every 10 feet and that we get thirsty from all the walking. Anyway been trying different beers. But they are not cheap. A pint can run between 6-9 dollars So our flight here was pretty uneventful which for us is a good thing. We even landed early. Got to the apartment early so we went across the street to a cafe/bar. Below is a shot of Jane at the cafe from our apartment image Here is our lift (elevator). We call it the coffin lift. That is how big it is. Two people max nothing else. Only has wide as a 1 1/2 pizza boxes. But at least there is one because our apartment is on the 5th floor image After unpacking some we ventured out to find a grocery store found one pretty close. It is like a Aldies want to be. Got what we needed and headed back. After we put the stuff away, we went back across the street to our bar (second home) They have food here (and of course beire) but not what you would call meals. They are all appetizers. It is our goal to try them all. So far we have had fried cheese with duck meat, some other cheese thinges with celery and apple slices and my favorite crispy pork bellies. We went back to the apartment around 5pm and went to bed. Woke up at 2:00pm on Tuesday. Next day (or one of the days anyway) we took a walk around our neighbor hood. There are lots of places to eat, get fresh fruits and veggies, snacks, fresh meet etc. here are some pictures from the church and area image imageimageimageimageimage And then we ate at LaValleys only it was in French image Jane had some beef thing and I had (just for Sparkey) Rabbit image There was also this that we brought back to the apartment to eat: Talk about fresh. From this image To this image   And finally this image No not really it was chicken (I think). What ever it made a great meal. Then of course you must have some kind of dessert, and they are plenty here to chose from image image One day we went to Notre Dame. On the way we crosses the main bridge of Locks of Love. Their are several now and in other parts of the world too, including the US. Anyway we added ours too. You get a lock, put your name on it, lock it to the railing (if you can find a opening). Then you kiss and throw the keys into the Seine River. image image image image image image
I guess I better put some pictures from Notre Dame and surrounding area too.

Okay one more thing to mention before I post this. Paris is a dog lovers paradise. You can let your dog do his business anywhere you want, sidewalks, streets, doorways and lawns ( if you can find grass). And you don’t have to clean it up. Nope, the person who needs to clear it is the unlucky person who steps in it. I had almost forgot to mention this, but then when I saw the pizza Jane got at a place here it reminded me.

At this point I have decided to not keep track of what we did on what day or even what week. So here are more pictures of places we have been to since we been here.



  1. Anonymous

    The photos are amazing, thanks for posting them – when I look at those pics, I can just feel you both relaxing and enjoying the experience together…well maybe except for the elevator and whatever was on that pizza! Love to you both, let me know when the next hair cut is 😉


    • Anonymous

      ~ Connie


  2. Anonymous

    Looks great. Fantastic job posting and pictures. Love you guys, Shirley


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