Pre – Paris

Okay we are finally here but it has been a tough road getting here.

Friday August 29th

Lets start with Friday before we left. We had all our summer clothes nicely packed ready for shipping to Ecaudor (that way we didn’t have to lug them around Europe). Good idea right? We’ll it would have been except for the fact that you can not ship used clothes to Ecuador (or Mexico) WHAT?? Yup no can do. So then we had to lug the two big boxes of clothes back to the house and on pack them. Then we  ( meaning Jane) had to condense all the clothes for Europe and south into the two suitcases. She was able to do it but she had to get rid of a lot of stuff. (Well we really didn’t need the underwear anyway 🙂 But a least we had a good (and last) time at Whiskey River, and said goodbye to some more friends.

Saturday August 30th

So you are asking  was Saturday going to go any better? Nope! We had to bust our butts to get everything down before we had to head to Green Bay. So around noon we headed to the Mosine Airport to pickup the rent a car. I had this all reserved so it should have been a easy task right? Nope again! You can not use a debit/check card, a check or cash ( you heard me right you can not use cash). You must have a major credit card. We’ll we didn’t and don’t. So now what? My truck was already sold and I had to drop it and the keys off at 1. So I decided to see if our good a helpful neighbors had a credit card. To make a long story short they did and Larry and I went back and got the car. The thing is Larry never had to pay anything for the car with his card. So when I dropped it off at the G B airport I paid for it with want? Wait for it! That’s right CASH!

Okay we aren’t done with the headaches on Sat. So we finally got done with everything we had to do before we left. Took showers and then went next door to say goodbye to Larry and Eunice. And of course have a few farwell drinks. They have been absolutely great neighbors for the fourteen years we lived next to them. So we then left for GB where we had ( and I say HAD) a room reserved and already paid for, for the night. However when we got there guess what? Right no room at the inn. It seems they over booked. What’s the point of making a reservation if they don’t keep the room. Anyone can take a reservation but it is holding the room that really counts. (Reference to Sienfeld). Anyway they got us a room down the road and I won’t even mention the issues that brought up.

Sunday August 31

Green Bay airport. Bags over weight one by 8# the other by 1#. So either pay $200 or take something out, which is what we did. After this things got better. The flight to Chicago was only 30 minutes. And I got some great pictures of cloud formations out of the airplane:

Okay enough whining about everything . We are in Paris and starting to relax , sort of. The next post will be our week in Paris, sites, sounds and food.



  1. Diana

    What a GREAT adventure … you two are amazing. Go take on the world!!


  2. Randy

    You sure didn’t miss anything by not seeing the Packer opener……very painful to watch!


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